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Whether you're seeking services, networking opportunities, or collaborative partnerships, our member directory is your gateway to the vibrant business landscape of Breckinridge County. Connect, engage, and thrive with our esteemed members who contribute to the economic success and prosperity of our community.

Chamber Member Benefits - Advertising Assistance
Increased Visibility

Enhance your business profile and reach a broader audience through promotional on our social channels, directories, and events.

Chamber Member Benefits - Business Connections
Business Connections

Network with fellow professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, creating valuable relationships that can drive growth.

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Business Advocate

Benefit from our dedicated advocacy efforts, ensuring that your business interests are heard and considered at all levels of governance.

Chamber Member Benefits - Grant Opportunities
Funding Opportunities

Enjoy member-exclusive discounts, offers, and cost-saving opportunities, like microgrants, that directly impact your bottom line.

Member Directory

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Photo of Breckinridge County United Economic Development
Breckinridge County United Economic Development
Work Phone: (270) 756-0268
Photo of Breckinridge County Wellness
Breckinridge County Wellness Contact: Crystal Smith
Photo of Breckinridge Health Foundation, Inc.
Breckinridge Health Foundation, Inc.
Work Phone: (270) 580-7243
Photo of Breckinridge Health, Inc.
Breckinridge Health, Inc.
Work Phone: (270) 756-7000
Photo of Brilliant Marketing and Design
Brilliant Marketing and Design Contact: Stacie Baugh
Cell Phone: (270) 287-8075
Photo of Butler Auctioneers LLC
Butler Auctioneers LLC
Work Phone: (270) 617-1201
No Photo Available
Butler’s Garage & Wrecker LLC
Work Phone: (270) 756-2545
Photo of City of Cloverport
City of Cloverport
Work Phone: (270) 788-6632
Photo of City of Cloverport Parks and Rec
City of Cloverport Parks and Rec
Photo of City of Hardinsburg
City of Hardinsburg
Work Phone: (270) 756-2213
Photo of City of Irvington
City of Irvington
Work Phone: 270-547-3835
Photo of Cloverport Board of Education
Cloverport Board of Education
Work Phone: (270) 788-3388
Photo of Commonwealth Machining, LLC
Commonwealth Machining, LLC
Work Phone: (270) 756-1449
Photo of Communicare Clinic
Communicare Clinic
Work Phone: (270) 756-5816
Photo of Coppage Professional Accounting
Coppage Professional Accounting Contact: Dana Coppage
Cell Phone: 270-668-7269
Photo of Crist Propane Services, LLC.
Crist Propane Services, LLC.
Work Phone: (270) 547-6723
Photo of Critchelow Backhoe Service, Inc & Septic Pumping
Critchelow Backhoe Service, Inc & Septic Pumping Contact: Sam Critchelow
Cell Phone: 270-617-2070
Photo of Critchelow Tax Service, Inc DBA H&R Block
Critchelow Tax Service, Inc DBA H&R Block
Work Phone: (270) 756-2265
Photo of Dan Powers Chevrolet Buick GMC
Dan Powers Chevrolet Buick GMC
Work Phone: (270) 756-5212

Chamber Member Benefits

Joining our Chamber of Commerce is not just a membership; it's a strategic investment in your business success. As a member, you gain access to tons of member benefits, like exclusive discounts and funding opportunities.

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From dynamic networking opportunities and advocacy on your behalf to a powerful platform for visibility and collaboration, our chamber is your gateway to a thriving community of like-minded professionals. Experience unparalleled support, gain access to valuable resources, and position your business at the forefront of innovation. Join us in shaping the future, where your success is not just encouraged; it's our shared mission. Together, let's build a stronger, more prosperous community.


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